IEE Clock Internals

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Let’s take a look inside the previous posted IEE clock:

IEE Clock - Laced Wiring

Here you can see the laced wiring harness for the displays. This is not a multiplexed display–each of the 40 light bulbs has its own transistor driving it. All these wires come off the displays and into a very large DIN-style connector that plugs into the main circuit board. The ICs are all on the other side of the board.

IEE Clock - Disassembled

This is a closeup of the main PCB. It’s quite small. You can see the PIC’s ICD header off on the right, along with a header that allows access to the I2C bus for troubleshooting.

IEE Clock - PCB

And looking at the other side, we can see the driver ICs, the PIC, and the RTC device, along with some passives. You can also see the spare pads I put next to the PIC so that I can easily solder wires to the unused GPIOs if I ever need them.

IEE Clock - PCB Top

Some people commented about the switch on the front. I have a decent collection of switches of all colors, types, and vintages. It’s disconcerting for me to see what would be a really neat project marred by boring switches. Here’s a small sampling of my collection:

Switch Collection

People really liked the photos of the disassembled IEE module from the other website. Here are a few gratuitous “artsy” shots:

IEE Clock - Display Modules

IEE Clock - Bulbs

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